Restricted Aiven for Redis®* commands#

To maintain the stability and security of the Redis environment, the Aiven for Redis* service restricts certain Redis commands. This section aims to provide you with a list of disabled/restricted commands.

Disabled commands#

The Aiven for Redis* service has disabled the following Redis commands:

  • bgrewriteaof: Initiates a background append-only file rewrite.

  • cluster: Manages Redis cluster commands.

  • command: Provides details about all Redis commands.

  • debug: Contains sub-commands for debugging Redis.

  • failover: Manages manual failover of a master to a replica.

  • migrate: Atomically transfers a key from a Redis instance to another one.

  • role: Returns the role of the instance in the context of replication.

  • slaveof: Makes the server a replica of another instance, or promotes it as master.

  • acl: Manages Redis Access Control Lists.

  • bgsave: Creates a snapshot of the dataset into a dump file.

  • config: Alters the configuration of a running Redis server.

  • lastsave: Returns the UNIX timestamp of the last successful save to disk.

  • monitor: Streams back every command processed by the Redis server.

  • replicaof: Makes the server a replica of another instance.

  • save: Synchronously saves the dataset to disk.

  • shutdown: Synchronously saves the dataset to disk and then shuts down the server.

Disabled eval commands#

The following script evaluation commands in the Aiven for Redis* service are disabled. If you require these commands to be enabled, contact Aiven support.

  • eval: Executes a Lua script server-side.

  • eval_ro: Read-only variant of the eval command.

  • evalsha: Executes a script cached on the server side by its SHA1 digest.

  • evalsha_ro: Read-only variant of the evalsha command.

  • fcall: Calls a Redis function.

  • fcall_ro: Read-only variant of the fcall command.

  • function: Manages Redis functions.

  • script: Manages the script cache.