Get support in the Aiven console#

Aiven is committed to providing excellent and responsive support to all of our customers. We are constantly monitoring our services 24/7 and rapidly addressing any anomalies.

In addition to our standard support, we offer three additional tiers that include faster response times and phone support. For more information about support plans, please see Aiven support details page or contact to discuss premium support.

You can create and track support tickets in the Project Support Center in the Aiven Console.

Create a support ticket#

To create support tickets in the Aiven Console:

  1. Click Support to open the Project Support Center.

  2. Click Open support ticket.

  3. Enter a title and detailed description of the issue that you’re experiencing.

  4. Select the affected service and a severity level.

  5. Click Create ticket.

Your new ticket is sent to our support team for review and you also receive an confirmation email. You can reply to this email to update your ticket with new information. Replies from the Aiven support team will be sent directly to your email.

You can also track the status of your tickets and review them from the project support center.

Add followers to an open ticket#

If other users want to track and manage a ticket, the owner can add them to an open ticket by the owner of the ticket:

  1. Click Support to open the Project Support Center.

  2. Find the ticket you want to add users to in the list and click Add follower.

  3. Select the user’s email and click Add follower.

You can also add users to a ticket by copying them into the support ticket email.