Get support in the Aiven Console#

Aiven is committed to providing excellent and responsive support to all of our customers. We monitor our services 24/7 and rapidly address any anomalies.

The Basic support tier is provided to all customers on paid plans. If you are using a free service, you can ask questions in the Aiven Community Forum.

In addition to the Basic support tier, we offer three additional tiers that offer faster response times, phone support, and other services. For more information about support plans, please see Aiven support details page or contact to discuss the paid support options.

You can create and track support tickets in the Aiven Console following the instructions on this page. For other services included in your support tier - such as business reviews or disaster recovery planning - contact the sales team at

Create a support ticket#

To create support tickets in the Aiven Console:

  1. Click Support.

  2. Click Create ticket.

  3. Enter a Subject and detailed Description of the issue.


    Include the following information in the description to help the support team provide timely assistance:

    • The affected functionality (for example, networking, metrics, deployment)

    • Steps to reproduce the problem

    • Any error messages

    • Any languages or frameworks you are using

  4. Select the affected project, service, and a severity level.

  5. Click Create ticket.

The new support ticket is sent to our support team for review and you also receive a confirmation email. Response times vary by case severity and support tier.

You can track the status of your tickets from the project support center, but information and updates are sent directly to your email address. You can update your ticket’s details and communicate with the support team by replying to these emails. If you are on a paid support tier, your account team is also notified.