Enable Karapace schema registry and REST APIs#

To enable Karapace schema registry and REST APIs on Aiven for Apache Kafka® from the Aiven Console, follow these steps:

  1. In the Aiven Console, click on the service to view its overview screen.

  2. Look for Schema Registry (Karapace) or Apache Kafka REST API (Karapace), and enable the setting for either one of the features based on your requirements.

To learn more about Karapace and its features, see the Karapace homepage and GitHub project.


If you use any of our automation or other integrations, the parameters to enable schema registry or REST APIs on your service are named schema_registry and kafka_rest.

More resources#

For more information on how to setup Karapace with Aiven for Apache Kafka® using Aiven Terraform Provider, see Apache Kafka® with Karapace Schema Registry.