Known issues#

MirrorMaker 2 may translate offsets incorrectly if LAG shows negative on the target cluster#

The following are known issues that are expected to be resolved in version 3.3.0. See recommended tuning paramters to minimize hitting this issue.

MirrorMaker 2 is always set min.insync.replicas = 1 in destination cluster topics#

If a topic on the destination cluster is updated or pre-created with min.insync.replicas > 1 , MirrorMaker 2 would always be overwritten with min.insync.replicas = 1 in target topics. The replication factor of target topics does not match the replication factor of source topics either when they are newly created by MirrorMaker 2, or when they exist beforehand.

  • MirrorMaker 2 does not update replicas.

  • MirrorMaker 2 always overwrites min.insync.replicas as 1.