Enable Apache Kafka® Connect on Aiven for Apache Kafka®#

To enable Apache Kafka® Connect on Aiven for Apache Kafka® services, those should be running on business or premium plans.


Aiven provides the option to run Kafka Connect on the same nodes as your Kafka cluster, sharing the resources. This is a low-cost way to get started with Kafka Connect. A standalone Aiven for Apache Kafka® Connect allows you to scale independently, offers more CPU time and memory for the Kafka Connect service and reduces load on nodes, making the cluster more stable.

To enable Kafka Connect on Aiven for Apache Kafka nodes

  1. Click on the Aiven for Apache Kafka service where to enable Kafka Connect

  2. Scroll down the Service overview page to the Kafka Connect section and turn it on.

The Kafka Connect connection information are now available at the top of the Service overview page in the Kafka Connect tab.