Use Kafdrop Web UI with Aiven for Apache Kafka®#

Kafdrop is a popular Web UI for Apache Kafka® that allows you to monitor a cluster, view topics and consumer groups with integration into the Schema Registry, with support for Avro, JSON and Protobuf.

Retrieve Aiven for Apache Kafka® SSL certificate files#

Aiven for Apache Kafka® by default enables TLS security. The certificates can be manually downloaded from the service overview page in the Aiven console, or via the dedicated Aiven CLI command.

Setup a Kafdrop configuration file#

Kafdrop supports both SASL and SSL authentication methods. The following example shows the SSL version which requires a keystore and truststore that can be created following the dedicated documentation.

Once the keystore and truststore are created, you can define a Kafdrop configuration file named with the following content, replacing the KEYSTORE_PWD and TRUSTSTORE_PWD with the keystore and truststore passwords respectively:


Run Kafdrop on Docker#

You can run Kafdrop in a Docker/Podman container with the following command, by replacing the KAFKA_SERVICE_URI with the Aiven for Apache Kafka® service URI available in the service Overview tab of the Aiven console, and the client.truststore.jks and client.keystore.p12 with the keystores and truststores file names:

docker run -p 9000:9000                                                 \
    -e KAFKA_BROKERCONNECT=KAFKA_SERVICE_URI                            \
    -e KAFKA_PROPERTIES="$(cat | base64)"            \
    -e KAFKA_TRUSTSTORE="$(cat client.truststore.jks | base64)"         \
    -e KAFKA_KEYSTORE="$(cat client.keystore.p12 | base64)"             \

If you’re also interested in Kafdrop to de-serialize Avro messages using Karapace schema registry, add the following two lines to the docker run command:


Replace, in the above, the SCHEMA_REGISTRY_PWD with the schema registry password and SCHEMA_REGISTRY_URI with the schema registry URI that you can find in the Aiven console service Overview page.

Use Kafdrop#

Once Kafdrop starts, you should be able to access it at localhost:9000

Kafdrop in action

You can perform the following tasks with Kafdrop over an Aiven for Apache Kafka® service:

  • View and search topics

  • Create and delete topics

  • View brokers

  • view messages