Scale your service#

When creating a new Aiven service, you are not tied to a plan. Your services can be adjusted to better match your needs. Services can be moved to a higher or lower plan, and to a different tier—Startup, Business or Premium.

  1. Log in to Aiven Console.

  2. Go to your Services, and select the service you want to scale.

  3. On the Overview page of your service, scroll down to Service plan > Change plan.

  4. In the Change service plan window, select the new service plan and new tier, if required.

  5. Select Change.


Your service is in the Rebuilding state. Once the rebuilding is over, your new service plan will be active on your service. The service is still accessible through the plan-change process.


  • You can also use the dedicated service update function to scale your service plan via the Aiven CLI.

  • When you perform a service upgrade or downgrade horizontally, remember to include all additional disks the service uses. For example, when switching from Startup-4 to Business-4 or from Business-4 to Startup-4, include all the additional disks available for this service.