Change your email address#

It is not currently possible to change your login email address directly. It is possible, however, to migrate your Aiven resources to another email address.


Aiven support personnel cannot change your email address nor migrate projects between email addresses from support requests.

Migrate Aiven projects between email addresses#

To start using an Aiven project from a new email address, invite your new email address to your existing project from the Members page of each project you wish to migrate:

  1. In the project, click Members.

  2. Enter your new email address and select a user role.

  3. Click Send invitation. Your new email address will receive an invitation link to join the project. You need to do this for each of your projects.

  4. Once you have confirmed that your new email has the correct privileges, you can remove your old email from each of the projects by clicking Remove user.

If your projects are managed by another user in your organization, then you may need to ask the administrator of those projects to migrate them to the new email address for you.