Aiven API overview#

The Aiven API allows you to perform any tasks on Aiven from a client of your choice.

API quickstart#

Calling the Aiven API#

The Aiven API is a traditional HTTP API. All our own tools, such as the web console and avn CLI use this API.

sequenceDiagram participant Client participant Aiven Client->>Aiven: Request with access token Aiven->>Client: Response {JSON}


Obtain an authentication token from your Aiven console. This will be sent as an Authorization header, like this:

Authorization: Bearer <TOKEN>

Handling JSON responses#

The Aiven API returns information in JSON format, sometimes a lot of information. This is perfect for machines but not ideal for humans. We like to use a tool like jq ( to make things easier to read and manipulate.

Aiven API and Postman#

If you prefer an even more friendly tool, we have a blog post about using Postman with Aiven’s API including how to import a Postman collection and spin up Aiven services with Postman.