Static IP addresses#

Aiven services are normally addressed by their hostname. There are some situations however where static IP addresses may be needed for your platform, and so these are also available for a small additional charge.

Some common use cases for needing a static IP address might include:

  • firewall rules for specific IP addresses

  • tools, such as some proxies, that use IP addresses rather than hostnames

Static IP addresses on the Aiven platform#

Static IP addresses are created in a specific cloud and belong to a specific project. During their lifecycle, the IP addresses can be in a number of states, and move between states by being created/deleted, by being associated with a service, or when the service is reconfigured to use the static IP addresses. This is summarised in the diagram below:

graph LR; none[Static IP does not exist] created[State: created] available[State: available] assigned[State: assigned] none -- create IP --> created created -- associate --> available available -- reconfigure service --> assigned assigned -- reconfigure service --> available available -- dissociate --> created created -- delete IP --> none

To create, delete, associate or dissociate IP addresses, use the Aiven CLI tool. To reconfigure a service, set its static_ips configuration value to true to use static IP addresses, or false to stop using them.


The static_ip configuration can only be enabled when enough static IP addresses have been created and associated with the service.

For more information, read the step-by-step process Manage static IP addresses