GCP virtual network peering#

This help article provides step-by-step instructions for setting up a VPC peering connection between Aiven and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) using Terraform. See the Using VPC peering article for how to set up a Project VPC.

Before you start, make sure you have an Aiven authentication token and have set up the Google Cloud SDK.


gcloud auth application-default login

Set up the Terraform variables:#

Create a file named variables.tf and add the following code:

variable "aiven_api_token" {}
variable "gcp_project_id" {}

This file declares the variables for the Aiven API token and the Google Cloud project ID.

Configure the Terraform providers:#

Create a file named provider.tf and add the following code:

terraform {
  required_providers {
    google = {
      source  = "hashicorp/google"
      version = "~> 3.0"
    aiven = {
      source  = "aiven/aiven"
      version = ">=4.0.0, <5.0.0"
provider "aiven" {
  api_token = var.aiven_api_token
provider "google" {
  project = var.gcp_project_id
  region  = "us-central1"
  zone    = "us-central1-a"

This code initializes the Aiven and Google providers, specifying the required provider versions and configurations. It also uses the variables defined in the variables.tf file

Create a VPC and subnet in GCP:#

Create a file named project.tf and add the following code:

#Get Aiven project details
data "aiven_project" "my_project" {
  project = "project_name"
#Create a VPC in GCP
resource "google_compute_network" "vpc" {
  name                    = "my-vpc"
  auto_create_subnetworks = "false"
#Create a subnet in the GCP VPC
resource "google_compute_subnetwork" "subnet" {
  name          = "my-subnet"
  region        = "us-central1"
  ip_cidr_range = ""
  network       = google_compute_network.vpc.self_link

This code retrieves the details of your Aiven project, creates a VPC in GCP, and creates a subnet within that VPC.

Create a VPC in Aiven:#

Add the following code to your project.tf file to create a VPC in Aiven:

resource "aiven_project_vpc" "my_vpc" {
  project      = data.aiven_project.my_project.project
  cloud_name   = "google-us-central1"
  network_cidr = ""

This code creates a VPC in your Aiven project. The network_cidr parameter specifies the CIDR range for the Aiven VPC. Ensure that this CIDR range does not overlap with the CIDR range of your GCP VPC. In this example, the Aiven VPC uses the CIDR range “”

Create a peering connection between Aiven and GCP:#

Add the following code to your project.tf file to create a peering connection between the Aiven VPC and your GCP VPC:

resource "aiven_gcp_vpc_peering_connection" "my_peering" {
  vpc_id             = aiven_project_vpc.my_vpc.id
  gcp_project_id     = var.gcp_project_id
  peer_vpc           = google_compute_network.vpc.name
resource "google_compute_network_peering" "aiven_peering" {
  depends_on         = [aiven_gcp_vpc_peering_connection.my_peering]
  name               = var.gcp_project_id
  network            = google_compute_network.vpc.self_link
  peer_network       = aiven_gcp_vpc_peering_connection.my_peering.self_link

This code creates a peering connection between the Aiven VPC and the GCP VPC by using the aiven_gcp_vpc_peering_connection and google_compute_network_peering resources. The depends_on attribute ensures that the aiven_gcp_vpc_peering_connection resource is created before the google_compute_network_peering resource.

Apply the Terraform configuration and verify the VPC peering status:#

Run the following commands to initialize and apply the Terraform configuration:

terraform init
terraform apply

Review the proposed changes and enter yes when prompted to proceed. Terraform will create the VPC peering connection between Aiven and GCP. After the resources have been created, verify that the VPC peering connection is active by checking the state attribute of the google_compute_network_peering resource. It should have changed from “PENDING_PEER” to “ACTIVE”

terraform show

Look for the google_compute_network_peering.aiven_peering resource in the output, and confirm that the state attribute is set to “ACTIVE”. This indicates that the VPC peering connection between Aiven and GCP has been successfully established.