Use PostgreSQL® provider for additional PostgreSQL configurations#

Aiven Terraform provider can be used to create and manage Aiven for PostgreSQL® service, PostgreSQL® databases, and users. If you need to perform additional configurations such as setting PostgreSQL default privileges, configure PostgreSQL publication, or reuse a PostgreSQL-based sub-module between different vendors to make the Terraform code homogeneous, you can consider using the PostgreSQL® provider. This article shows how to use the PostgreSQL provider along with the Aiven Terraform Provider to create a PostgreSQL role.

Configure the required providers#

The new provider must be added to the required_providers block in the Terraform code.

  1. This example shows how to add the PostgreSQL provider (source: cyrilgdn/postgresql) along with the Aiven Terraform Provider (source: aiven/aiven).

terraform {
  required_providers {
    aiven = {
      source  = "aiven/aiven"
      version = ">=4.0.0, < 5.0.0"
    postgresql = {
      source  = "cyrilgdn/postgresql"
      version = "1.16.0"
  1. If the PostgreSQL provider is used on its own, you can provide the Aiven for PostgreSQL service connection details as follows:

provider "postgresql" {
  host            = ""
  port            = 12691
  database        = "defaultdb"
  username        = "avnadmin"
  password        = "postgres_password"
  sslmode         = "require"
  connect_timeout = 15

Optionally, when the Aiven for PostgreSQL service is created within the same Terraform project, the values required to configure the PostgreSQL provider can be passed using references to the resource, as shown in the code below:

resource "aiven_pg" "demo-pg" {
  project                 = var.project_name
  cloud_name              = "google-asia-southeast1"
  plan                    = "business-8"
  service_name            = "demo-pg"
  termination_protection  = true

# PostgreSQL provider is configured with references to the aiven_pg.demo-pg resource.

provider "postgresql" {
  host            = aiven_pg.demo-pg.service_host
  port            = aiven_pg.demo-pg.service_port
  database        =
  username        = aiven_pg.demo-pg.service_username
  password        = aiven_pg.demo-pg.service_password
  sslmode         = "require"
  connect_timeout = 15
  1. Create a PostgreSQL role called test_role using the Terraform resource postgresql_role.my_role.

resource "postgresql_role" "my_role" {
  name     = "test_role"


For the full documentation of the Aiven Terraform Provider refer to Aiven provider documentation.

For the full list of resources available in PostgreSQL provider refer to PostgreSQL provider documentation.