avn project#

This article has the full list of commands for managing projects in Aiven using avn project.

Manage project details#

avn project details#

Fetches project details.




The project to fetch details for

Example: Show the details of the currently selected project:

avn project details

Example: Show the details of a project:

avn project details --project my-project

avn project switch#

Sets the default project to use when one is not specified in an avn command.




Required positional argument

Example: Make the project named my-project the default for all commands where the --project parameter isn’t supplied:

avn project switch my-project

avn project list#

Lists all the projects that you have access to.

Example: List all the projects available to use with a --project command switch:

avn project list

avn project create and avn project update#

Creates a new project with create or changes the settings with update. An account is the same as an organization or organizational unit.



project_name (required for create)

Note: This is a positional argument, not a switch

--project (required for update)

The project to amend, use with update only

--name (update only)

Supply a new name for the project


The organization or unit to create the project in


Billing group ID to use


The card ID (see avn card)


The cloud to use by default (see avn cloud)


Makes the command safe to run repeatedly, it will succeed if a project of this name already exists.

--copy-from-project (create only)

Project name to use as a template


Code for the billing country


Address to bill to


Information to include with an invoice such as a cost center number


The currency to bill in. The choices are: “AUD” “CAD” “CHF” “DKK” “EUR” “GBP” “NOK” “SEK” “USD”


VAT ID for this project


Email for the billing contact


Email for the technical contact

Example: Create a project named my-project:

avn project create my-project

Example: Create a project in an organization using my-project as a template and set the email address for the technical contact:

avn project create \
  --create-project-from my-project \
  --account-id abcdef0123456789 \
  --tech-email [email protected] \

Example: Rename a project:

avn project update
  --project my-project
  --name my-better-named-project

avn project delete#

Deletes a project. If the project isn’t empty, it removes the services in it first.


Aiven doesn’t allow the deletion of non-empty projects as safeguard against accidental code execution.

Example: Delete my-project:

avn project delete my-project

Manage project certificates#

CA certificates are managed at the project level.

avn project ca-get#

Downloads the CA certificate for this project, the certificate is saved in the file name you supply.




The project to fetch details for


File name, including path, to use

Example: Download the CA certificate for the current project, and save it in a file in the current directory called ca.pem:

avn project ca-get --target-filepath ca.pem

Manage users and invitations#

Manage user access to the project.

avn project invite-list#

Lists the open invitations to the project.




The project to show invitations for

Example: List the invitations for the current project:

avn project invite-list

avn project user-list#

Lists the users with access to the project.




The project to show users for

Example: List the users with access to project my-project:

avn project user-list --project my-project

avn project user-invite#

Sends an email invitation to a user to join a project.



email (required)

Note: this is a positional argument


The project to invite the user to


Can be “operator”, “developer” or “admin”

Example: Invite an important person to be an admin on the currently-selected project:

avn project user-invite --role admin [email protected]

avn project user-remove#

Removes a user with the supplied email address from the project.



email (required)

Note: This is a positional argument


The project to remove the user from

Example: Remove the user with email alice@example.com from project my-project:

avn project user-remove --project my-project [email protected]

Request project SBOM#

SBOM reports are generated per project and can be downloaded as long as the necessary permissions are set for the project. You can get the SBOM report download link for a project using the following command:

avn project generate-sbom#




The project name


Output format (CSV or SPDX)

Example: Get the SBOM report download link for the project my-project in csv format:

avn project generate-sbom --project my-project --output csv