avn events#

The avn events command is an audit log of things that have happened in a particular project, including:

  • timestamp of when the event occurred

  • which user performed the action (email address of the user, or “Aiven Automation” where it was an automatic change)

  • the type of event, such as service_create, project_vpc_create or service_master_promotion (this is not an exhaustive list and new event types are added from time to time

  • the name of the service affected

  • a more detailed description of the event

An example of events output (note that the newest event is shown first):

TIME                  ACTOR                    EVENT_TYPE                SERVICE_NAME    EVENT_DESC
====================  =======================  ========================  ==============  ==============================================================================================

2021-08-10T13:38:23Z  [email protected]         service_update            demo-pg         Reset service user password
2021-08-10T13:38:22Z  [email protected]         service_update            demo-kafka      Reset service user password
2021-08-10T13:37:21Z  Aiven Automation         service_master_promotion  demo-pg         Promoted demo-pg-1 to be the new master in service demo-pg.
2021-08-10T13:35:39Z  [email protected]         service_create            demo-pg         Created 'pg' service 'demo-pg' with plan 'business-4' in cloud 'google-europe-west3'
2021-08-10T13:35:22Z  [email protected]         service_create            demo-kafka      Created 'kafka' service 'demo-kafka' with plan 'business-4' in cloud 'google-europe-west3'

Project events#

Information about the events that have occurred in a project.

avn events#

Lists instance or integration creation, deletion or modification events.




The project to fetch details for

Example: Show the recent events of the currently selected project.

avn events

Example: Show the most recent 10 events of a named project.

avn events -n 10 --project my-project