Get started with Aiven for Redis®*#

The first step in using Aiven for Redis®* is to create a service. You can do so either using the Aiven Web Console or the Aiven CLI.

Create a Redis®* service using the Aiven web console#

  1. Log in to the Aiven web console.

  2. Follow these instructions to create a new Redis service.

    Once the service is ready, the status changes to Running. This typically takes a couple of minutes, depending on your selected cloud provider and region.

Create a Redis®* service using the Aiven CLI#

If you prefer launching a new service from the CLI, Aiven CLI includes a command for doing so.

In order to launch a service, decide on the service plan, cloud provider, and region you want to run your service on. Then run the following command to create a Redis®* service named demo-redis:

avn service create demo-redis       \
   --service-type redis             \
   --cloud CLOUD_AND_REGION         \
   --plan PLAN                      \
   --project PROJECT_NAME


See the full list of default flags with the following command: avn service create -h. Additionally, there are some type specific options, which you can see executing the following command: avn service types -v

Next steps#

  • Learn how to connect to Aiven for Redis by either using redis-cli or different programming languages:

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