Database monitoring with Datadog#

Database Monitoring with Datadog enables you to capture key metrics on the Datadog platform for any Aiven for PostgreSQL® service with Datadog Metrics integration.

Datadog Database Monitoring allows you to view query metrics and explain plans in a single place, with the ability to drill into precise execution details, along with query and host metrics correlation.


To use Datadog Database Monitoring with your Aiven for PostgreSQL® services, you must perform the following steps:

  • Apply any outstanding maintenance updates mentioning the Datadog integration.

  • Ensure the Datadog Metrics integration is enabled.

  • The PostgreSQL extensions - pg_stat_statements and aiven_extras, must be enabled by executing the following CREATE EXTENSION SQL commands directly on the Aiven for PostgreSQL® database service.

CREATE EXTENSION pg_stat_statements;
CREATE EXTENSION aiven_extras;

Enable monitoring#

You can individually enable Datadog Database Monitoring for the specific Datadog Metrics integration for Aiven for PostgreSQL®, by configuring the datadog_dbm_enabled parameter. Repeat this action for every Datadog Metrics integration for Aiven for PostgreSQL®, which you plan to monitor.

Using the avn service integration-list Aiven CLI command, you can obtain the Datadog Metric integration you want to monitor and enable the Datadog Database monitoring functionality by using the datadog_dbm_enabled configuration parameter. For example:

  • Find the UUID of the Datadog Metrics integration for a particular service:

avn service integration-list --project <project name> <service name>
  • Enable the Datadog Database Monitoring for the Datadog Metrics integration with the following command, substituting the <INTEGRATION_UUID> with the integration UUID retrieved at the previous step:

avn service integration-update --user-config '{"datadog_dbm_enabled": true}' <INTEGRATION_UUID>

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