Connect two PostgreSQL® services via datasource integration#

There are two types of datasource integrations you can use with Aiven for PostgreSQL®: Aiven for Grafana®, and another Aiven for PostgreSQL® service. If you are connecting two PostgreSQL® services together, perhaps to query across them, but still want to have a restricted IP allow-list, then you will need to use the IP Allow-List service integration.

Whenever a service node needs to be recycled, e.g. for maintenance, a new node is created with a new IP address. As the new IP address cannot be predicted, if you want to maintain a connection between two PostgreSQL services your choices are either to have a very broad IP allow-list (which might be acceptable in the private IP-range of a project VPC) or to use the IP Allow-List service integration to dynamically create an IP allow-list entry for the other PostgreSQL service.

Integrate two PostgreSQL services#

  1. On the Overview page for your Aiven for PostgreSQL service, go to Manage integrations and choose the IP Allow-List option.

  2. Choose either a new or existing Aiven for PostgreSQL service.

Now your Aiven for PostgreSQL allows IP traffic from the chosen PostgreSQL service, regardless of what its IP address is.