Setup cross cluster replication for Aiven for OpenSearch® beta#


  • Cross cluster replication feature for Aiven for OpenSearch is a beta release.

  • Cross cluster replication is not available for Hobbyist and Startup plans.

Follow these steps to set up cross cluster replication for your Aiven for OpenSearch service:

  1. From the Services page in the Aiven Console, select the Aiven for OpenSearch service for which you want to set up cross cluster replication.

  2. In the service’s Overview tab, scroll down to the Cross cluster replications section and click Create follower.

  3. In the Create OpenSearch follow cluster page,

    • Enter a name for the follower cluster

    • Select the desired cloud provider

    • Select the desired cloud region

    • Select the service plan


    During creation, the follower cluster service must have the same service plan as the leader cluster service. This ensures the follower cluster service has as much memory as the leader cluster. You can change the service plan as required later.

    • Add additional disk storage based on your business requirements

  4. Click Create.

The follower cluster service will be in a Rebuilding state, and, once complete, the follower cluster will be ready to pull all data and indexes from the leader service.


To learn about the current limitations with cross cluster replications for Aiven for OpenSearch, see the Limitations section.

View follower cluster services#

You can view all the follower cluster services configured for your OpenSearch service either from the Service integration section on the service Overview page or in the Integrations tab. Additionally, the OpenSearch services display Leader and Follower tags below the service name to help identify leader cluster and follower cluster services.

Setup cross-cluster replication via API#

You can set up the cross cluster replication for Aiven for OpenSearch service using the service integration endpoint and setting the integration-type to opensearch_cross_cluster_replication. For more information, see Create a new service integration.

Setup cross-cluster replication via Terraform provider#

You can set up the cross cluster replication for Aiven for OpenSearch service via the Aiven Terraform provider. Set the integration-type to opensearch_cross_cluster_replication in the Service Integration resource.