Set index retention patterns#

This article describes how to configure the maximum number of indices to keep in your Aiven for OpenSearch® instance. For more information on OpenSearch® indices and shards, see this article.

To create cleanup patterns for OpenSearch indices:

  1. Log in to the Aiven web console and select your service.

  2. Click the Indexes tab.

    The top of this view lists the patterns that are currently in use.

  3. Click Add New Pattern.

  4. Enter the pattern that you want to use and the maximum index count for the pattern, then click Create.

Alternatively, you can use our API with a request similar to the following:

curl -X PUT --data '{"user_config":{"index_patterns": [{"pattern": "logs*", "max_index_count": 2},{"pattern":"test.?", "max_index_count": 3}]}' header "content-type: application-json" --header "authorization: aivenv1 <YOUR TOKEN HERE>"<project>/service/<service_name>