Get Started with Aiven for OpenSearch®#

Aiven for OpenSearch® is available in the Aiven console.

Choose the OpenSearch® version, your cloud provider and location to deploy to, then choose which plan to use.

Finally, give the service a name and then select Create Service, and your shiny new OpenSearch database will start building. While it does that, you can already visit the service overview page to see the details of the service.

OpenSearch Dashboards is included#

When you create an Aiven for OpenSearch service, you will also get an OpenSearch Dashboards service alongside it. This means you can quickly and easily visualize the data in an OpenSearch service.

Get up and running#

Connect to your OpenSearch service and start working with data. Try connecting with cURL as great place to start with your services. The connection details are in the service overview.

For inspiration, there’s a recipes dataset that would be an excellent starting point if you are new to OpenSearch.