Aiven for MySQL® overview#

What is Aiven for MySQL?#

Aiven for MySQL® is a full managed relational database service, deployable in the cloud of your choice. It is available at a size to suit your needs, from single-node starter plans to highly-available production platforms. MySQL has been a key part of the open source database landscape for a long time and it’s a popular and reliable database platform. Aiven takes care of the management side and provides a MySQL that you can use.

Why MySQL?#

MySQL is a traditional open source relational database that plays nicely with many well-established applications. Whether you are building something new or looking for a modern platform for your existing applications, Aiven for MySQL is a friendly and scalable offering of one of the best open source databases around.

Get started with Aiven for MySQL#

The Aiven for MySQL getting started guide will get you up and running quickly.

More MySQL resources#