Create Aiven for MySQL® remote replicas#

Learn how to create an Aiven for MySQL® remote replica to provide a read-only instance of your managed MySQL service in another geographically-autonomous region.

About remote replicas#

Aiven for MySQL read-only replicas provide a great way to reduce the load on the primary server by enabling read-only queries to be performed against the replica. It is also a good way to optimise query response times across different geographical locations since, with Aiven, the replica can be placed in different regions or even different cloud providers.

Using read-only replicas works as an extra measure to protect your data from the unlikely event that a whole region would go down. It can also improve performance if a read-only replica is placed closer to your end-users that read from the database.

Create a remote replica#

Take the following steps to provision a remote replica:

  1. Log in to the Aiven console using your credentials.

  2. Navigate to Aiven for MySQL services for which you wish to create a remote replica.

  3. In the Overview tab, go to section Read-only replicas and select Create replica.

Start creating a read-only replica
  1. For the remote replica, give your service a name, select the cloud provider and region, and choose a suitable Aiven for MySQL plan.

  2. Select Create.

Create replica wizard


You can see the read-only replica being created and listed as any other Aiven service on the Services page in the console.