Connect to MySQL with MySQL Workbench#

You can use a graphical client like MySQL Workbench to connect to Aiven for MySQL services. Enter the individual connection parameters as shown on Service Overview page and also download the SSL CA certificate and specify the file on SSL page.

Screenshot of the MySQL Workbench settings screen

Using SSL is strongly recommended. In order to make a properly secure connection, download the CA certificate and configure it in client settings.

To create more databases, go to the service’s Databases tab, type in a database name in the Create a new database box, and click the ” Add database ” button.

To add database users, go to the service’s Users tab. When adding a new user you can choose the authentication method to use. By default, the web console uses the caching_sha2_password authentication mechanism. To successfully connect, your client libraries need to be new enough. If for any reason you are forced to use a client that only supports the older mysql_native_password authentication mechanism, select this separately while adding the user. (You can also later change this on the Users tab.) Note that changing the authentication method for a user resets the password.