Getting started with Aiven for MySQL®#

Aiven for MySQL® services are managed from Aiven Console .

Start a service#

  1. Start an Aiven for MySQL service by following the steps in this article.

    Upon creating a service, the view returns to the service list, where the new service is shown with an indicator that it is being created.

  2. Select the service name in the list to go to the Overview page.

    This view shows the connection parameters for your MySQL service and its current status.

  3. You can make changes to the service configuration in the Overview page, even while the service is being built.

    You can find the available configuration options in the reference article.

The status indicator says Rebuilding while the service is being created. Once the service is up and running, the light changes to green and the indicator says Running.


Services typically start in a couple of minutes, the performance between clouds varies and it can take longer under some circumstances.

Next steps#