Integrate an external Apache Kafka® cluster in Aiven#

Aiven for Apache Kafka® MirrorMaker 2 enables the cross-cluster topic replication between any two Apache Kafka® clusters, which can be deployed as Aiven or external services. To enable replication flows with an external Apache Kafka cluster you need to define a service integration endpoint.

Define an external Apache Kafka® service integration endpoint via Aiven console#

An external Apache Kafka® service integration endpoint can be defined in the Aiven console.

  1. Navigate to the Aiven project where you want to integrate the external Apache Kafka cluster.

  2. Select Integration endpoints, and then External Kafka from the list of available services.

  3. Click on Add a new endpoint.

  4. Fill the Endpoint name, Bootstrap servers and the security settings and click Create.

  5. The external Apache Kafka cluster is now available under the alias defined in the Endpoint name parameter