Integration of logs into Apache Kafka® topic#

You can send logs from your Aiven services into a specified Apache Kafka® topic. The setup can be done through Aiven console.


Note, the integration can be used for both Aiven for Apache Kafka, as well as external Kafka clusters registered in the project’s service integrations page. Read more on how to manage Aiven internal and external integrations.

In this example we’ll show how to send the logs from an Aiven for PostgreSQL® service to a topic in your Aiven for Apache Kafka service. For this example you need:

  • a running Aiven for PostgreSQL service (we’ll refer to it as a source)

  • a running Aiven for Apache Kafka service (we’ll refer as a destination)

Set up Apache Kafka to receive the logs#

Verify that Kafka REST API is enabled and create a Kafka topic where you want to receive the logs.

Add a new integration to the source service#

  1. Navigate to the Aiven console overview page of the source PostgreSQL service.

  2. Scroll the list of actions till you see Service integrations.

  3. Click on Manage Integrations. A new pop up window will be displayed showing a list of available integrations for your service.

  4. Select Kafka Logs from this list.

  5. Select the destination Kafka service (or external Kafka integration) and the topic where the logs should be pushed.

Test the integration (with Aiven for Apache Kafka)#

  1. Go to the destination service overview page.

  2. Open the destination topic you specified to send logs.

  3. Navigate to the page with messages and press Fetch Messages to see the log entries that were sent from your source service.

  4. Select Decode from base64 to see messages in JSON format.

Edit or remove the integration#

If you want to edit or remove the integration, use Manage Integrations in the source service. The created integration is listed in the Enabled service integrations section, from where you can edit or remove it.