Get partition details of an Apache Kafka® topic#

Use one of three available approaches to retrieve partition details of an Apache Kafka® topic.

With Aiven console#

In the Aiven Console follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Aiven web console and select your Apache Kafka service.

  2. On the Topics tab click the three dots next to the topic you wish to inspect.

  3. In the appeared menu click on the Info entry, it will open a modal window with topic details.

  4. Navigate to the Partitions tab.

With Aiven API#

Retrieve topic details with an API call using the endpoint to get Kafka topic info.

Learn more about API usage in the Aiven API overview.

With Aiven CLI#

Retrieve topic details by using Aiven CLI commands. Find the full list of commands for avn service topic in the CLI reference.

For example, this bash script, with a help of jq utility, lists topics and their details for a specified Apache Kafka service:

cloud=$(avn service get --project $proj $serv --json | jq -r '.cloud_name')
topics=$(avn service topic-list --project $proj $serv --json | jq -r '.[] | .topic_name')

echo "Cloud: $cloud Service: $serv"
for topic in $topics
   echo "Topic: $topic"
   avn service topic-get --project $proj $serv $topic