Aiven for InfluxDB®#

What is Aiven for InfluxDB®?#

Aiven for InfluxDB® is a fully managed high-performance time series database designed for highly variable data, deployable in the cloud of your choice. It can ingest and query hundreds of thousands of data points a second.

Why InfluxDB®?#

InfluxDB is a great time series data solution. It is known for its ability to handle variable data sets and query past data. And with Aiven, you can deploy InfluxDB in minutes and enhance your existing architecture.

Get started with Aiven for InfluxDB®#

Take your first steps with Aiven for InfluxDB® by following our Getting started with Aiven for InfluxDB® article, or browse through our full list of articles:

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Integrates with your existing Aiven tools#

InfluxDB is highly compatible with other Aiven products. For instance, with Aiven for InfluxDB, if you add Grafana® as a service plan, it automatically configures InfluxDB as a data source. You can click and connect other services with ease and start receiving metrics for your monitoring solution with just a few clicks.

Check out all the features on our InfluxDB product page.

InfluxDB® resources#

If you are new to InfluxDB®, try these resources to learn more: