Send emails from Aiven for Grafana®#

Use the Aiven API or the Aiven client to configure the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server settings and send the following emails from Aiven for Grafana®: invite emails, reset password emails, and alert messages.

What you need#

  • Aiven client installed

  • Aiven for Grafana service created

  • SMTP server IP or hostname

  • SMTP server port

  • Username for authentication (if authentication is in use - highly recommended)

  • Password for authentication

  • Sender email address (i.e., email address shown in “From” field)

  • Sender name (optional)

Configure the SMTP server for Grafana#

To configure the Aiven for Grafana service:

  1. Open the Aiven client, and log in:

    avn user login <> --token
  2. configure the service using your own SMTP values:

    avn service update --project yourprojectname yourservicename \
    -c \
    -c smtp_server.port=465 \
    -c smtp_server.username=emailsenderuser \
    -c smtp_server.password=emailsenderpass \
    -c smtp_server.from_address="[email protected]"
  3. (optionally) Review all available custom options, and configure as needed:

    avn service types -v

You have now set up your Aiven for Grafana to send emails.