Define OpenSearch® timestamp data in SQL pipeline#


As with many beta products, we are currently redesigning the Aiven for Apache Flink® experience, APIs, and CLI calls.

We are also updating all examples in the documentation to reflect these changes. During this process, you may encounter error messages as we introduce new improvements.

Frequently results in Apache Flink® data pipelines include one or more timestamps, either contained in the source events or generated by window aggregations.

When the output of the Apache Flink® data pipeline is an Aiven for OpenSearch® index, you need to convert the Flink timestamps to a format recognizable by OpenSearch®, otherwise they will be interpreted as strings, losing the benefits of time filtering.

OpenSearch® recognises the following as correct date/time formats:

  • yyyy/MM/dd for a date field

  • HH:mm:ss for a time field

  • yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss for a timestamp field

Therefore you need to structure the data pipeline output to follow one of the acceptable formats