Fetch query statistics for Aiven for ClickHouse®#

About fetching query statistics#

Usually, query statistics in ClickHouse can be obtained using the system.query_log table, which stores statistics of each executed query, including memory usage and duration. In Aiven for ClickHouse®, the system.query_log table is currently not accessible for the purpose of obtaining query statistics.

To fetch query statistics in Aiven for ClickHouse, you can use either Aiven Console or Aiven API.

Use Aiven Console#

  1. Log in to the Aiven web console, choose the right project, and select your Aiven for ClickHouse service.

  2. Navigate to the Query Statistics tab and view the content in the dashboard.

Use Aiven API#

To access query statistics in Aiven for ClickHouse with Aiven API, use the ServiceClickHouseQueryStats endpoint.

GET /project/<project>/service/<service_name>/clickhouse/query/stats

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