Copy data from one ClickHouse® server to another#

You can copy data from one ClickHouse® server to another using the remoteSecure() function.


Details of the source (remote) server

  • Hostname

  • Port

  • Username

  • Password

Copy data#

  1. From your target server(s), use the remoteSecure() function to select data from the source server.

    SELECT * FROM remoteSecure('HOSTNAME:PORT', db.remote_engine_table, 'USERNAME', 'PASSWORD') LIMIT 3;
  2. Insert the selected data into the target server.

    INSERT INTO [db.]table [(c1, c2, c3)] SELECT ...

    See also

    For details on how to configure and use the INSERT query, see Inserting the Results of SELECT.


Your data has been copied from the remote (source) server to the new (target) server.