Add service user accounts#

This article shows you how to add new users to your Aiven for ClickHouse® service, allowing you to control access grants for different purposes.

  1. Log in to the Aiven web console and select your ClickHouse service.

  2. Click Users & Roles.

    This page shows you a list of all the users that are currently available in your service. The default avnadmin user has all available access grants to the service.


    To view the roles and grants for any of the listed users, click View Details & Grants for that user.

  3. Enter a name for the new user and select a role.

    The role that you select defines the access grants that are assigned to the user. For more information on roles, see this article.

  4. Click Add User.

    This creates the new user and shows you a summary of the information.

  5. Copy the password on screen to a safe place. It can’t be accessed again in future, however it can be reset if needed.