Aiven for ClickHouse® quickstart guide#

The first step in using Aiven for ClickHouse® is to create a service and a database that you can use to try out the service. You can do this in the Aiven web console.

This example shows you how to create a new service, add a database to it, and use Docker to connect to the service with the ClickHouse client.

Create a ClickHouse service#

  1. Log in to the Aiven web console.

  2. Follow these instructions to create a new ClickHouse service.

    Once the service is ready, the status changes to Running. This typically takes a couple of minutes, depending on your selected cloud provider and region.

Create a database#

  1. When the service is running, select Databases and tables from the sidebar of your service’s page.

  2. In the Databases and tables page, select Create database > ClickHouse database.

  3. In the Create ClickHouse database window, enter a name for your database and select Create database.


    All databases must be created through the web console.

Connect to ClickHouse#

  1. Get the latest Docker image of the ClickHouse client from Docker Hub

  2. Go to the Overview page of your service, and copy the Host, Port, User, and Password, which you need for connecting to the service.

  3. Run the following command to connect to your service and run SQL queries on your database, substitute the placeholders for USERNAME, PASSWORD, HOST and PORT:

    docker run -it                       \
    --rm clickhouse/clickhouse-client    \
    --user USERNAME                      \
    --password PASSWORD                  \
    --host HOST                          \
    --port PORT                          \

For more information on using the ClickHouse client, see this article.

Next steps#

Now that you have your service and connection set up, see our sample dataset article to try out your service with actual data.