Password policy#

Aiven is committed to keeping your account secure. Creating a strong password makes it harder for attackers to gain unauthorized access to your account.

Password Requirements

To ensure your password is safer, Aiven enforces a number of password criteria that make sure that the password is strong:

  • Minimum password length is 8 characters

  • Cannot contain single repeating characters such as aaaaaaaa

  • Cannot contain your name or email address

  • Cannot contain common words, phrases or strings such as password, security, John. Using common words or service names can be easily guessed.

  • Cannot contain words that are very similar to common words such as password1.


For new user sign ups, these requirements are automatically enforced.


For existing customers, while it is not required to change password immediately, it is strongly recommended to update your existing password. When changing your password, the above requirements will be enforced.

When creating integration passwords on Aiven’s end, the above requirements are also applied. For remote services such as sending logs to external OpenSearch®, the requirements are not applied, but are recommended.

Additionally, when creating and/or resetting the password, please consider the following tips:

Password tips#

  • Use password manager to create a randomly generated strong password

  • Use passphrases instead of passwords which are even harder to guess

  • Do not use same password for multiple services

  • Select a password that is not usual and memorable only to you

Selecting a strong password is a first step in securing your account. To know more about how you can strengthen your security by adding a two factor authentication, please refer to Manage two-factor authentication.

If you forget your password, you may reset your password by selecting Forgot Password on the Aiven Console login page.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the support team via to assist you.