Set up Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) peering on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)#

Once you’ve created a VPC on the Aiven platform, you can follow these instructions to set up VPC peering on GCP.

  1. Open your GCP Console.

  2. Select VPC Networks and find the VPC that you want to connect to.

  3. Click the project name and make note of the Project ID.

  4. Under VPC Networks, make note of the VPC Network Name.

  5. In Aiven Console, select VPCs from the sidebar on the Services page.

  6. On the Virtual private clouds page, select the VPC connection that you created.

  7. On the VPC Peering connections page, enter the project ID and VPC network name from GCP, then click Add peering connection.

    This adds a new connection with the Pending Peer status.


    Click the blue Pending peer icon and make a note of the Aiven project name and the network name.

  8. In your GCP Console, go to VPC > VPC network peering and select Create Connection.

  9. Enter a name for the peering connection, and enter the same project ID and network name that you found in step 7.

  10. Click Create.

When the peering is successful, it is active in both Aiven Console and your GCP Console.