Set up SAML with Auth0#

This article explains how to set up SAML with Auth0 for an organization in Aiven. For more information on SAML and instructions for other identity providers, see the Set up SAML authentication article.

Prerequisite steps in Aiven Console#

  1. In the organization, click Admin.

  2. Select Authentication.

  3. Click Add authentication method.

  4. Enter a name and select SAML. You can also select the teams that users will be added to when they sign up or log in through this authentication method.

You are shown two parameters needed to set up the SAML authentication in Auth0:

  • Metadata URL


Configure SAML on Auth0#

  1. Log in to your Auth0 account.

  2. Select Applications.

  3. Click Create Application.

  4. Enter an application name.

  5. Choose Regular Web Applications and click Create.

  6. After your application is created, go to the Addons tab.

  7. Enable the SAML 2 WEB APP option.

  8. Click on the SAML 2 WEB APP option. The Settings tab opens.

  9. Set the Application Callback URL to the ACS URL from the Aiven Console.

  10. In the Settings section for the Application Callback URL, remove the existing configuration and add the following field mapping configuration:

  "email": "email",
  "first_name": "first_name",
  "identity": "email",
  "last_name": "last_name",
  "mapUnknownClaimsAsIs": true
  1. Click Enable and Save.

  2. On the Usage tab, make a note of the Identity Provider Login URL, Issuer URN, and Identity Provider Certificate. These are needed for the SAML configuration in Aiven Console.

Finish the configuration in Aiven#

Go back to the Authentication page in Aiven Console to enable the SAML authentication method:

  1. Select the name of the Auth0 method that you created.

  2. In the SAML configuration section, click Edit.

  3. Add the configuration settings from Auth0:

  • Set the SAML IDP URL to the Identity Provider Login URL from Auth0.

  • Set the SAML Entity ID to the Issuer URN from Auth0 .

  • Paste the certificate from Auth0 into the SAML Certificate field.

  1. Click Edit method to save your changes.

  2. Toggle on Enable authentication method at the top of the page.

You can use the Signup URL to invite new users, or the Account link URL for those that already have an Aiven user account.


If you have issues, you can use the SAML Tracer browser extension to check the process step by step.