Solve payment issues when upgrading to larger service plans#

When you have set up a project without a valid credit card or other payment method and no invoices have been paid, you may receive the following error when you try to spin up a new service or upgrade the plan of an existing one:

Creating plan this large requires valid payment information and at least one invoice having been paid.

Please contact support to enable creation of larger plans when these conditions are not met.

In order to gain access to higher plans, please contact our support team at and we will help you get going with your new plan.

Alternatively, when creating a service or upgrading the plan you may also see:


Payment method is not set and there is not enough credits for the service.

This indicates that no valid credit card or other payment method has been assigned to the project yet, and there are not enough credits remaining to start the requested service plan. Add a billing method to your project to continue.