Move from Aiven direct billing to Google Cloud Platform Marketplace#

Aiven makes its services available through the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace. If you already have some services running in a project which is billed directly through Aiven but you would like to move to a Google Cloud Platform Marketplace subscription without disrupting your services, this article shows the steps needed to gather the relevant information and submit the request.

Create a new account using a Google Cloud Platform Marketplace subscription#

Follow the steps to set up Google Cloud Platform Marketplace for Aiven Services. This will create a new empty project, which is where your services will be moved to.

Gather the required information#

Aiven will need the name of the project which currently contains your services and the account name for the new project (in the format E-1234-1234-1234-1234) which is shown in the “Settings” screen for your new project in the Aiven GCP console (

Send the request to Aiven#

Once you have the account ID, send this and the name of the project which contains the relevant services to and someone will be in touch to complete the process.