Tax information for Aiven services#

Aiven services are provided by Aiven Ltd, a private limited company incorporated in Finland. This article describes our tax status in different jurisdictions. None of our marketed prices include value-added or other taxes.

European Union#

Finnish law requires us to charge a value-added tax for services provided within the European Union (EU). The value-added tax percentage depends on the domicile of the customer.

For business customers in EU countries other than Finland, we can apply the reverse charge mechanism of 2006/112/EC article 196 when a valid VAT ID is added to the billing information for a billing group.

United States#

According to the tax treaty between Finland and United States no tax needs to be withheld from payments by US entities to Aiven. Although we believe a W-8 form is not required to confirm this status, we’re happy to provide a W-8BEN-E form describing our status if needed. Please contact our sales to request one.

Rest of the world#

No value-added tax is applied to services sold outside the European Union as described in Value-Added Tax Act of Finland section 69h. Finland has tax treaties with most countries in the world, affirming this status.