About logging, metrics and alerting#

Administrators can configure log and metrics integrations to Aiven services so that you can monitor the health of your service.


Choose Manage integrations from the service overview page to add an integration that will send service logs to an Aiven for OpenSearch® service. This can be an existing service, or you can choose to create a new one.


On the service overview page, choose Manage integrations to set up an integration to push service metrics to an M3, InfluxDB® or PostgreSQL® service on Aiven. This can be an existing service or you can create a new one to receive the metrics.


You can create custom OpenSearch® or Grafana® dashboards to monitor the service.


The platform also has alert policies to notify you via email when a key metric rises above or below a set threshold, such as low memory or high CPU consumption. For information on setting the addresses for these emails, see this article.