Beta services#

Aiven releases new services at the beta stage for all customers so that you have the opportunity to test and validate your business needs for these new services.

The reason for the wide availability is that we believe that customer feedback is critical during the development cycle, and the feedback that we receive during the beta stage helps us shape the products that you use.

What does beta mean?#

Any service tagged as beta is intended as early access for use in non-production environments. You can however test them with production-like workloads so that you can gauge how the service behaves under heavy loads.

Issues raised for beta services are considered low severity issues and are handled according to our support SLAs.

Using a beta service means that you consent to us contacting you to request qualitative feedback and to test the service to help Aiven improve its product offering.

How long will it be in beta?#

An Aiven service will advance from beta status and become generally available once we are confident that it is ready for production use at scale.

The duration of the beta period largely depends on how quickly the service has been adopted by our customers and what changes are required to address the key issues that are discovered.

Billing for beta services#

We provide campaign credit codes to encourage you to try out our beta services. Once the campaign code expires or you have used the credit in full, we charge you for the service according to the normal rate.