Service and feature releases#

Before general availability, the lifecycle of new services and features includes a limited availability (private beta) stage and an early availability (public beta) stage.

Limited availability (private beta)#

The limited availability (private beta) stage is an initial release of a new functionality that you can try out by invitation only. If you are interested in trying a service or feature in this stage, contact the sales team .

Early availability (public beta)#

Features and services in the early availability (public beta) stage are released to all users with some restrictions on the functionality and service level agreement. They are intended for use in non-production environments, but you can test them with production-like workloads to gauge their behavior under heavy loads. Issues raised for these services and features are considered low severity.

You can enable most early availability (public beta) features yourself on the feature preview page in the user profile. This is also where you can provide feedback about the feature after trying it out.

Using a service in this stage means that you consent to us contacting you to request qualitative feedback. The feedback we receive helps us shape the products you use.

General availability#

New services and features become generally available once they are ready for production use at scale. The duration of the early and limited availability stages depends on how quickly the service or feature has been adopted by the users and what changes are required to address the key issues that are discovered.

Billing for limited and early availability services#

Aiven provides credits for you to try out limited and early availability services. Once the credit code expires or you have used all of the credits, you are charged for the service according to the normal rate.

Feature roadmap#

Aiven Ideas is a portal for users to submit, vote on, and discuss your ideas to shape the future of the product. It’s also where you can view the status and progress of each feature on the roadmap.