Send metrics to Amazon CloudWatch#

Aiven enables you to send your service metrics to your Amazon (AWS) CloudWatch. This article covers all the steps to enable this integration for your Aiven service.


  • An AWS account, and which region it is in.

  • An Aiven account with a service running.

  • An AWS Access Key and Secret Key.


To generate your AWS credentials, visit your AWS console under the IAM dashboard then click in Users, open the Security credentials tab, and choose Create access key. Click on Download as you will need this shortly.

Configure the integration#

Your first step is to create the endpoint to be used between the Aiven service and the AWS CloudWatch. This setup only needs to be done once.

  1. Click Integration endpoints in the web console, then choose AWS CloudWatch Metrics and Add a new endpoint or Create new.

Screenshot of Aiven Integrations
  1. Configure the settings for the new endpoint:

    • Endpoint name is how you will refer to the AWS CloudWatch metrics integration when linking it to an Aiven service.

    • CloudWatch Namespace where your metrics can be organized in different spaces.

    • Your AWS credentials: Access Key and Secret Key.

    • Your AWS account Region.

  2. To save this endpoint, click in Create.

Send metrics from an Aiven service to AWS CloudWatch#

Follow the steps in this section for each of the services whose metrics should be sent to your AWS CloudWatch.

  1. From the Service Overview page, select Manage integrations and choose the AWS CloudWatch Metrics option.

Screenshot of system integrations including AWS CloudWatch Metrics
  1. Choose the endpoint by the Endpoint name you created earlier from the dropdown and choose Continue.

  2. Customize which metrics you want to send to the CloudWatch. To do this, toggle a metric group or individual metric field.

    Screenshot of CloudWatch Metrics Aiven list
  3. Go to your AWS account and check the CloudWatch service. You can go to the Metrics section to see your Aiven service metrics data. It may take a few minutes until the data arrives.

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