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Aiven is the trusted open source data platform for data solutions including Apache Kafka®, Apache Flink®, Apache Cassandra®, ClickHouse®, Grafana®, InfluxDB®, M3DB, MySQL, OpenSearch®, PostgreSQL®, and Redis®*.

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icon-kafka Apache Kafka®

Streaming data pipelines for the modern enterprise. Apache MirrorMaker2 and Kafka Connect also available.

Learn about Kafka

icon-flink Apache Flink®

Framework for definining powerful transformations of batch and streaming data sets.

Learn about Flink

icon-cassandra Apache Cassandra®

High performance storage solution for large data quantities. This specialist data solution is a partitioned row store.

Learn about Cassandra

icon-clickhouse ClickHouse

A highly scalable, open source database that uses a column-oriented structure.

Learn about ClickHouse

icon-grafana Grafana®

The visualization tool you need to explore and understand your data. Grafana integrates with the other services in just a few clicks.

Learn about Grafana

icon-influxdb InfluxDB®

Specialist time series database, with good tooling support.

Learn about InfluxDB

icon-m3db M3

Distributed time-series database for scalable solutions, with M3 Coordinator included, and M3 Aggregator also available.

Learn about M3

icon-mysql MySQL

Popular and much-loved relational database platform.

Learn about MySQL

icon-opensearch OpenSearch®

Document database with specialist search features, bring your freeform documents, logs or metrics, and make sense of them here.

Learn about OpenSearch

icon-postgres PostgreSQL®

Powerful relational database platform. We have the latest versions, and an excellent selection of extensions.

Learn about PostgreSQL

icon-redis Redis®

In-memory data store for all your high-peformance short-term storage and caching needs.

Learn about Redis


Use your preferred tool with the Aiven platform in the way that best fits your workflow.


Aiven Console

Web-based graphical interface for creating and managing your services.

Aiven Console overview

Aiven CLI

Command line client for the Aiven platform.

Aiven CLI quickstart


Aiven API

A public API you can use for programmatic integrations.

API quickstart

Aiven Terraform Provider

An infrastructure-as-code tool for lifecycle management of your Aiven resources.

Start using Terraform

Aiven Operator for Kubernetes®

Provision and manage Aiven services from your Kubernetes cluster.

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